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This page consists of tutorial explaining about installation and connecting to LVCNR IRC from your Android mobile. The page consists of two sections, a Video Tutorial, & a step by step guided tutorial.

Video Tutorial

Guided Tutorial

How to Download AndroidIRC

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search For "AndroidIRC"


  • Download The Top One That Says "AndroidIRC"
  • When you have downloaded it then open it read terms and use and press OK.

Configuring AndroidIRC for LVCNR IRC


  • Now when u see at the top right corner there will be 3 signs click on third one and this will appear.Click on settings.
  • Now u will see ~Nickname Click on that and this will appear.


  • Write your nickname, alternative , ident, real name.
  • When You have chosen your name you will have to go back to this


  • Now press on the + sign and Choose OTHER...
  • Then in the server address write
  • You will see this then


  • If you have already registered a name then use syntax: /msg NickServ identify <your password>

‣ Now when you are there press the second button and choose join a channel. ‣ Write #lv-cnr in there. ‣ This will appear


  • Then again click on 2nd button and write #lv-cnr.echo
  • This will appear


  • To talk in #lv-cnr.echo you will have to get a permanent voice.
  • If you don't have voice then you may get it from this topic --->
  • If you want to close AndroIRC then when you open again you will have to follow all steps again
  • When the window is opened write the syntax to login:
  • /msg NickServ identify <your password> then open /join #lv-cnr, #lv-cnr.echo