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Welcome to Las Venturas Cops And Robbers Wiki! The All-in-One portal for server information, help & guides. Feel free to browse around. We want to hear your valuable suggestions too. Do post them on the forum!

Server Help & Information

SA:MP Server IP: or Server.LasVenturas.Net:7777

Basic Information

Server Rules

Jobs And Commands

Group Robbery

Custom /toys Objects (Clothes System)


Server Links



Player UCP






If you're facing any kind of issues, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

LVCNR Android App

LVCNR Team has hosted an Official Android app on Google Play Store. Download and stay up-to-date with the community!

Link: Click Here

Player UCP

At, Player User Control Panel or Player Panel, you can see your game statistics, player ranking, others' player information, etc. You can as well access the server banned list. You can checkout cool player signatures which you can embed anywhere on the internet.

Other features include viewing the gang information, the top ranked gangs, various businesses to purchase across San Andreas with map, etc.

Link: Player UCP

IRC Information

IRC is Internet Relay Chat. With IRC, you can be a part of the server fun without actually being present in the server. Feel free to check out our IRC Channels: #lv-cnr and #lv-cnr.echo. You can interact with others on and off the server from here. The IRC Server is IRC.TL. You could contact any admin to voice you on IRC.

Connect to IRC: IRC Web Client

IRC Guide

Basic IRC Information

(IRC) Installing And Connecting (Desktop Client)

IRC Connecting via AndroidIRC (Mobile Client)

Staff & Team

Saw a hacker in-game, or need any additional help? Admins and helpers are always available for you.

You can see the list of staff members & other team members here.

Enjoy the server and have fun! Don't forget to add us to your SA-MP favourites.