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Please abide by these rules while playing on the server. Violation of any of these rules can lead to a kick/ban.

  • Respect all players and admins.
  • Do not spam/flood the chat, or advertise other servers.
  • Hacking/Cheating will get you banned.
  • Usage of 3rd Party mods/patches, cleo etc, are not allowed. Mods which give players undue advantage over others are not allowed.
  • LEO players must not kill innocent civilians.
  • Team attack/killing is not allowed.
  • Spawn Killing is not allowed.
  • Random killing OR DMing is NOT allowed. Also, wanted players CANNOT randomly attack or DM among themselves anymore. (From v3.2.1)
  • LEOs cannot work with or assist criminals in any manner.
  • Yellow players are to be ticketed by LEO. However, fleeing yellows' vehicles can be shot at, to get them to a halt.
  • Do not EMP vehicles if there are no wanted players inside the vehicle. However, vehicles causing hindrances to LEO operations can be EMPed.
  • Do not quit or pause to avoid anything.
  • Farming score/xp/money is unacceptable, and may get you banned.
  • Do not randomly attack/kill LEOs. Cop hunt is punishable.
  • You cannot defend your gangmates except during gangwars in the zones.
  • Do not G-Abuse without a driver.
  • Do not arrest other players in a car as a passenger.
  • Bugs should be reported, not exploited.
  • Do not report for other players in-game. Each player reports for himself.
  • Connecting over VPNs/Proxies aren't allowed.
  • Sharing of accounts is not allowed.
  • Admins can enforce rules as they see fit.
  • Also read the associated clarifications & insights into the rules, posted in the Rules section of Forum.
  • This list is not exhaustive. Please visit the Rules section of Forum for complete set of rules.
  • The rules are subject to addition/modification. Visit this section regularly.