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Hello and welcome to Las Venturas Cops And Robbers. Here you will learn the basics of the server, and take a general idea of it. We'll start with basic questions that most people will have in their minds when they first join the server.

Q&A of LV CnR.

♦ You probably have questions regarding this server, let's try answering most of them.

1- What are we supposed to do here?

This is Cops and Robbers. So you obviously have 2 choices: either be a robber and attempt to rob players, stores, or do your job, or you can be a cop and try to stop the crime in Las Venturas.

2- What are the available commands?

To see the available commands, type in /cmds. There are a lot of commands available.

3- What are the "currencies" in LV CnR?

There are 3 currencies available:

• Money: You can earn money by robbing players, stores, do your job. Money is used to buy a lot of things in server, like houses, cars...
• Experience: You can earn XP by doing the same things. You need XP to unlock classes.
• Score: A not-too-important currency, but getting it is good for you.

4- If I have questions, what could I do?

Helpers and admins are always available to help you, so all you need to do is /ask them. And if not, you could use /help to give you some info.

Server Class Selection

♥ When you first join the server, you will be asked to choose a class. There are multiple classes available, and they are 7:

1- Civilian Class (0 XP): This is the start of the robber. From this class he can rob stores and players. A civilian can be classed depending on his Wanted Level, and can be varied by colors: Innocent (White Color, 0 stars), Low Wanted (Yellow Color, 1-3 stars), Wanted (Orange Color, 4-6 stars) and High/Most Wanted (Red Color, 7+ stars). Wanted level is received by killing a player/cop (6 stars), entering a cop car (3 stars), robbing/raping players (6 stars), robbing stores (6 stars). A civilian can do the following:

• Rob Stores/Banks/Casinos: Stores are all over the place in Las Venturas, all you have to do is enter a store, approach the robbery point, and press ALT or typing /robstore. A robbery needs 15 seconds to be done, and can be canceled at any time by pressing C. You can also rob with another player, see this guide to know how.
• Rob Players: You can rob players by approaching them and use the /rob command. Some players are protected from robbery or can't be afforded to be robbed.
• Do his job: Doing your job can earn you some money/xp. We'll get to them later.
• Do Side-Missions: There are a lot of side-missions to do, like trucking. You can do trucking missions by going to Trucking Zone (/gps for location), entering a truck and pressing 2 or typing /trucking. A mission can be canceled by using /canceltrucking.
• Rape players: You can rape players by using /rape command while close to them. They can be protected from that as well.

2- Medic Class (0 XP): This is the "neutral" side. Medics can either help cops or robbers by healing and curing them. Wanted level is applied on medics as well. A medic can do the following:

• Heal players: You can heal players by using the /heal command. Players must /acceptheal offered by the medic.
• Cure players: You can cure players by using the /cure command. Players must /acceptcure offered by the medic.

3- Cop Class (0 XP): The other side. From this class you can arrest criminals to earn money/XP. A cop can do the following:

• Arrest criminals: You can arrest criminals using the /ar [ID] command or Middle Mouse Button or Numpad 6 (In vehicles). You earn Money/XP based on the wanted level of the criminal.
• Ticket criminals: Low wanted level criminals can't be arrested, a ticket must be given to them using the /ticket command.
• Kill criminals: If you feel a little violent, why not killing criminals? You also earn Money/XP based on the wanted level of the criminal.
• Taze Players: You can taze player using the /taze command to stop the player for 5 seconds to kill him or arrest him.

4- Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) (5,000 XP): More powerful class than the cops. They have more features, like:

• Roadblocks: Using roadblocks is useful to intercept other criminals on a bike or car. You can put it using /placerb. Just remember to remove it when you're done using the /removerb or ask an admin to remove them.
• More guns: Like the M4, a more powerful gun than the AK-47.
• Special Spawn: You spawn at the FBI HQ, a place where all FBIs are, with more vehicles to use.

5- Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (10,000 XP): More powerful than the FBI. Additional features are given to them like:

• EMP usage: You can disrupt a vehicle using an electro-magnetic weapon using /EMP command, for a short amount of time.
• Even more guns: Like the Silenced Pistol, SPAS-12, and the SMG.
• Special Spawn: You spawn at the CIA HQ, a place where all CIA agents are, with even more vehicles to use.
• Tracking criminals: You can use the /locate command to track criminals.

6- Army Class (20,000 XP): More powerful than the CIA and FBI. They have access to more features like:

• Special Chat: The army chat (/army), can be used to communicate with other army soldiers.
• Lethal weapon: The Grenade.
• Very Special Spawn: You spawn at the army base (also known as Area 69). A place where the army is, and where a lot of vehicles are there, even the lethal ones like the Hunter, Rhino, Hydra...

7- Secret Service (VIP Only): A secret class that only VIPs can join. Its members are hidden and cannot be seen in minimap.

◘ After choosing a class, you will have to choose a job, you have a selection of many jobs:

Mechanic: You can repair vehicles, remove EMP, and add nitro to vehicles. Check /mech command for more info.
Terrorist: You can have C4s to blow up things in Las Venturas, such as the bank vault, to do so you need to purchase bombs from Bomb Shop (/gps for location), and then use them with /usec4.
Weapon Dealer: You can sell weapons to players using the /sellgun command.
Kidnapper: You can /kidnap players using a rope (/tie) from 24/7 and ask for a /ransom to earn money and XP.
Drug Dealer: You can sell drug to players whilst in a Mr. Whoopie vehicle using the /sellweed command to earn money and XP.
Hitman: You can assassinate players for an amount of money. You can /track the target and check /hitlist to check your targets.


♣ After having enough money, you can buy a house. Houses are everywhere in Las Venturas. Look for a green house icon in map. Then approach the red marker and type in /buyhouse [ID].

Now you own a house. To enter it, approach the marker and press ALT to enter. You can configure your house by multiple things, like adding a title, creating a password for protection, add alarms and zappers to prevent break-ins, and many more.

You can also add custom furniture to your houses. Find them in /housemenu while being inside your house.

House Interiors

You can view a list of house interiors in this page.


○ In addition, you can also own cars. The maximum is 3 vehicles. To do this, use /gps to locate Cars Dealership. There you can purchase cars, bikes even helicopters.

Don't forget to /park your cars next to your house, and feel free to select the /colour1 and /colour2 of the car. Use /vcmds for more info.

You can also add custom objects to your owned vehicles. Use /vtoys while being inside your vehicle.


→ You can create a gang to capture zones, and own Las Venturas. To do so, you need $500.000 and 500. After having those, you can create a gang using /gcreate. Creating a gang consist 3 things:

Gang Name: Naming your gang is required for most gang stuff(Zones, Gang Ranking...)

Gang Tag: Gang tags are put before the player's name in the main chat. E.G. [TAG] PlayerName.

Gang Color: Gang Color is also needed for Gang Ranking and to differ each gang. They are set by Hex Code (To choose a color, visit:

There are 3 ranks in a gang:

Gang Leader: He's the leader of the gang, he controls everything in it.

Gang Co-Leader: Co-Leaders can help the Leader in their job, including inviting/kicking members.

Gang Member: Members can capture zones with the leader and co-leaders.

To view gang commands, use the command /gcmds, and you can chat with other members using ! [text].

Also, you can view a list of all gangs in LV CnR if you wish to join one in the UCP:

Gang Ranking is also available in-game (/gtop) or in the UCP: and is set depending on gang score which is received while capturing zones (Capturing zones gives all the online members $30.000 and 80XP).


So, this has been a tutorial for LV CnR. I hope it helps you. And don't forget, if you have any questions, feel free to /ask helpers/admins in-game. We're here to ensure the best gaming experience for you.

This tutorial will be improved from time to time.